PLATO e1ns 3.3: What's New?

Fall Highlight: New Release of the Product Innovation Platform Available Now

PLATO e1ns 3.3: What's New?

Last week PLATO launched a new release with PLATO e1ns 3.3. In addition to numerous new functions, optimizations and adjustments, the new version focuses on the Parameter Diagram (P-Diagram), according to AIAG/VDA guidelines.

PLATO regularly releases new versions of the web-based PLATO e1ns Product Innovation Platform, which include various new features for improvement. The most obvious change in this release is probably the new module e1ns.p-diagram. It implements the directive-compliant operation of the AIAG/VDA standard.

The P-Diagram for FMEA Preparation

For the preparation of FMEA, the AIAG/VDA guideline proposes a clear structure that analyzes all influences on a function. This also identifies the influences that can reduce the performance of a function. Based on this guideline PLATO has developed the e1ns.p-diagram. The module emphasizes the advantages of the PLATO engineering software, such as guideline-compliant operation, international cooperation, quality assurance and minimization of time and cost effort.


The latest PLATO e1ns version (3.3) is now available to e1ns service customers for free download in the download area. Here, customers will also find detailed information and the system requirements for the update.