Data Transfer also in the Free FMEA Version

For smaller teams or companies, FMEA Free is the ideal option if they are planning to switch from Excel to a professional FMEA software, want to replace an existing tool or want to learn the method first. With version 3.4.3, existing FMEA data generated with other software can now be transferred to the free e1ns Cloud version and used directly.

Data Transfer also in the Free FMEA Version

Import FMEAs from other software tools easily

If you have already created data in another FMEA software, you do not lose time with typing when switching to e1ns, but can simply import the data. PLATO e1ns supports the current version MSR (Manufacturer Supplier Relationship) 2.1.2, the XML-based standardized exchange format.

With the import, the FMEA and the associated system structures are automatically built in e1ns. Work can be continued immediately. If the import file contains data that is not mapped due to individual configurations in the other software tool, small adjustments may be necessary afterwards.

PLATO has more than 30 years of experience in software development as well as data migration from various FMEA software providers.

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