Goodbye SCIO™ .... Update now to e1ns!

Are you still using PLATO SCIO™? Now is the time to update to PLATO e1ns. With PLATO e1ns, you continue to use your existing data and work conveniently over the Internet.

Upgrade now to e1ns

10 reasons why you should update to PLATO e1ns

  1. Upgrade for free
    The update to e1ns is free of charge and can be carried out by companies themselves if they have the appropriate IT skills. If required, you can book half a service day for an update by PLATO.

  2. Exchange licenses instead of buying them.
    Licenses are exchanged, e.g. SCIO™-FMEA licenses are exchanged for e1ns FMEA licenses or SCIO™-Matrix + SCIO™-Net-Builder is exchanged for e1ns.architect.

  3. No changes to the service agreement.
    The terms of the service agreement remain the same.

  4. Data will remain in use
    No data migration required as data from PLATO e1ns will continue to be used.

  5. Use state-of-the-art technology
    Keep up with technological development and work comfortably with web technology.

  6. Avoid potential security gaps
    Outdated software and operating systems could become a potential security risk.

  7. Ensure updateability
    Up-to-date software versions ensure better compatibility with servers, operating systems, and other applications.

  8. Reduce IT effort and costs
    Centralized installation - eliminates the need to update and support local installations.

  9. Benefit from a much wider range of functionality
    e1ns offers a wide range of additional functions and methods.

  10. Comply with current standards/guidelines
    e1ns has a modular concept that makes adaptations due to new standards or guidelines unproblematic.

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PLATO SCIO™ will not be developed further in the future and will be provided with bug fixes only for a transition period. A timely update to PLATO e1ns is therefore recommended.