PLATO extends e-learning courses

PLATO's range of seminars was expanded at the end of last year. New courses are now being offered on the website, covering even more e-learning topics!

Digital learning world: FMEA methodology with and without software training

The course is designed for people who are looking to acquire knowledge of the FMEA methodology for successful and effective participation in FMEA workshops. The courses are divided into small learning units that build on one another.

Anyone who would also like to learn how to use the PLATO e1ns software can register for the extended courses and receive access to the software training environment in the cloud for the training period. This means that a large number of employees can learn how to use the e1ns software as well as the methodological basics professionally and individually in a short time.

“The demand for online courses has not only been growing since Corona. We had already received inquiries from companies that wanted to spare their employees face-to-face training for reasons of time and money,” explains Jennifer Mietasch, coordinator in the Training & Consulting department at PLATO, explaining the development of the seminar and training courses. “Our well-established courses convey both practical and theoretical aspects. Here, too, we offer companies tailor-made packages with accompanying online workshop days. The individually developed online courses are then made available to your employees.”

The e-learning courses are currently only available in English. The preparations for the German-language offer are underway.


Information about e-learning courses