New version now available!

The new SCIO™ version is now available.

The following enhancements and improvements are available:

  • Switching to the new database generation
    Users have been using the new database generation for two years already. It is an advancement of the proven technology specially designed for networked data and replaces the existing technology. With the update to SCIO™ Version 6.0, all users will now be switched to the new database generation.
  • New passwords
    New security mechanisms make it necessary to re-encrypt the passwords. Every user will be requested to enter a new password after switching to SCIO™ 6.0.
  • Extended rights concept is enabled automatically
    An extended rights concept was developed for SCIO™ Version 2.1 and higher that offers rights for data types and cells separately for each system element in addition to the basic rights. In the past, it was necessary to enable the use of the extended rights concept. This is not necessary any more. During the database conversion, the database is automatically switched to the extended rights concept. The "old" rights concept is not supported any more in SCIO™ 6.0 and higher.
  • e1ns.aspects
    With "e1ns.aspects", PLATO offers a new graphic module for model-based system development. The new module is a web application that works with the same database as all other SCIO™ modules and with all web methods available in SCIO™-Methods.
  • New Functionality in SCIO™-Portal and SCIO™-Methods
    • Create new System Element
    • Delete System Element
    • Editing System Element master data
    • Changing tree element names