New version now available!

The new SCIO™ version is now available.

The following enhancements and improvements are available:

New: Single point of information

Users of Methods and Dashboard get automatically the e1ns.portal, without additional cost. A start page provides central access to all information and data, a function for searching through all data, and a function for switching between the applications.

New: e1ns.actions - Project planning and action management

The planning and control of product development processes (PDPs) are essential factors contributing to the success of a product. With e1ns.actions, PLATO has developed a web application that takes care of managing all activities involved in the product development process, including the FMEA actions.

e1ns.actions uses the same database and system structure as all other SCIO™ modules and e1ns applications.

New: e1ns.documents - Manage documents in the development process

With e1ns.documents, results from development and all relevant documents in the product development processes are managed centrally, assigned a version number, and easily made available to all persons involved in the project. The standardized view for projects, milestones, actions, and system structures, which is exactly like the view used in other PLATO applications, makes it easy for users to get oriented.

New: e1ns.output - Automated output

In the product development process, the data used to document the results for verification of compliance with standards or for customers are collected in files or electronic folders.

Depending on the industry or application, such data includes the product master file or the risk management file, for example.

e1ns.output is an integrated module for the automatic creation of individual files. During automatic creation, master data, results of analyses, or parts thereof are collected and converted to a structured output format. If necessary, output-specific user data is entered when creating the documents.

Further new functionalities in SCIO™

  • Export/Import takes template manager links into account
  • FMEA comments in the Control Plan and Process Flow applications
  • Synchronization of process steps in FMEA, Control Plan, and Process Flow
  • Outputting specifications in Excel®