Reflection of the 9th Annual PLATO North America Conference | Digital Edition

Over the last decade, we have become accustomed to welcoming our customers into a physical space, surrounded by colleagues, peers and leaders across the quality engineering profession. Our annual User Conference has always served as an opportunity to give back to our community and provide a forum for critical discussions, learning and of course – some fun (we still talk about the 2019 axe throwing tournament). This year, however, things were a little bit different.

Reflection of the 9th Annual PLATO North America Conference

Due to the continuation of the Covid-19 Pandemic, our organizing committee were forced to come up with a way to host the event virtually. After some intense internal discussions (and some very helpful feedback from our customers), we opted to facilitate the conference using an “online” format.

Thanks to an incredible turn-out from our customers, partners and colleagues, the 2020 version of our User Conference was extremely successful. While we missed the in-person dialogue and some of the fun (we will get back to the axes soon), the conference was jammed-packed with information sharing and demonstrations.

In fact, due to the digital nature of the conference, we were able to easily capture some of the highlights:

  • Functional Safety & MSRs in e1ns
  • Support for AIAG & VDA in e1ns
  • Using e1ns for P-Diagrams & FTA

If you would like to watch the 3 presentations contact us here.

Going forward
We certainly hope that in the years to come we can return to an in-person conference format. The digital experience we enjoyed this year can (and will) never replace the camaraderie built through face-to-face discussions. With that said, we are grateful for our customers and their collective flexibility. We promise to continue to support you in every way we can.