Automotive Quality Trends in 2021

We are proud to offer an exclusive and expert-driven on-demand webinar, providing a detailed overview of the new SAE J1739 FMEA standard, along with a comparative analysis of how it differs from the recently released AIAG & VDA guidelines. Hosted by PLATO North America, the webinar features panelists from Nexteer, ReliaTrain and QPS Consulting (with all three participating as members of the SAE J1739 committee).

The webinar covers the following key topics:

  • Why was the new SAE J1739 FMEA Standard Developed?
  • Benefits of design FMEA and MSR - What is New?
  • Benefits of the FMEA Standard for PFMEA & Special Characteristics 
  • How does the new SAE standard differ from the new AIAG & VDA?
  • Best Practices to prepare for the ongoing multiple standards and guidelines

Want to watch the webinar now? You can view it on-demand by visiting this link.
If you would like to contact us to schedule some time to discuss how PLATO can help prepare your organization for the new SAE J1739 FMEA standard (or any other in-house or industry standard), please feel free to do so here.