Did Quality Take a Back Seat? A Review of 2020

There is no doubt that the automotive industry faced unprecedented challenges in 2020. The Pandemic forced both OEMs and suppliers to make significant resource cuts, resulting in job loss and diminished operational budgets. The disruption was seismic in nature and virtually every corner of the market was rattled in some way shape or form.

Did Quality Take a Back Seat - Review of 2020

So, what happened to Quality Engineering during this difficult time?

As last year began to trail-off, we sat down and decided to reflect a little bit. Led by our Director, North America, Steve Dunn, we assembled a 7-minute video summarizing our thoughts on the state of Quality Risk Management across the industry.

The video features:

  • A critical review of the impact of pandemic on the North American automotive industry
  • The role of FMEA guidelines (including AIAG and VDA & SAE J1739), “standard harmonization” and shifting CSRs
  • Commentary on how OEMs and suppliers are navigating warranty risk with a new sense of urgency
  • Strategies for getting prepared for 2021 and “getting your quality house in order

If you would like to watch the video click here and if you have any questions contact us here.