User Conference 2013 - Review

PLATO's second annual North America PLATO SCIO™ User Conference took place on Oct. 10th, 2013 in Troy/Michigan. More than 15 active SCIO™ Users from the US, coming mainly from the automotive industry, spent a day learning more about PLATO's SCIO™ products and discussing quality and risk management issues. The networking aspect was an important part of the event.

User Conference 2013 - Review

f.l.t.r.: Stephan Reinke, John Wyatt (P3 North America), Michael Gadau

An inspiring and exciting event - thanks to all participants

Presentations of Johnson Controls and Delphi showed how SCIO™ could be used in big organizations (One FMEA Knowledge Base with Easy to use Web Portal Access, Baseline FMEA's). PLATO presented its future plan about supporting Engineering for Industry 4.0, how to use SCIO effectively to build up the backbone structure of your product, SCIO™ interfaces available for SAP, Doors and Teamcenter, integrating additional methods like requirement management, functional safety and DVP&R's, talking about SCIO™ Web Technology/Cloud Computing and showing some SCIO™ Tips and Tricks.

Meeting at the Michigan Education Center in Troy, located close to Delphi's World Headquarters and many other OEM's and Automotive Suppliers, we used the good atmosphere for working out better ways of using existing technical and methodology options.

We want to thank all participants who made the day an inspiring and exciting event and hope to see you again next year!