Healthcare companies rely on XERI™

Safety and Continuous improvement of quality management systems

The Alere Technologies and Pharma Mall company for e-commerce will represent their compliance-related documentation with PLATO XERI™  in the future. The companies will establish each XERI™ installation as a central document management system according to the stringent requirements of the medical and pharmaceutical industry.

In the GxP regulated areas documentation plays a significant role. It is often attempted to address the GMP requirements by a flood of paper. PLATO XERI™ reduces in compliance with all international formal criteria the documentation and administrative effort significantly.

PLATO XERI™ is a document management and workflow system that aids the creation, inspection, release, distribution, and resubmission processes of guidelines, documented procedures, work instructions, as well as standard operating procedures (SOP). All compliance and quality documents are in compliance with the regulations and standards effectively created and directed.

Our customers see with XERI™ and the PLATO Service the ideal partner to implement their demands.