New consultant in the US

Please welcome Richard Ryder

New consultant in the US

We are happy to introduce to you our new trainer Richard Ryder. Richard joined the PLATO team in the beginning of June ’14 and will provide trainings and support for the SCIO™ and e1ns users in the United States. With Richard on board we have a new highly skilled and experienced consultant to meet the needs of our North American customers.

“I am happy to have this opportunity to be part of the PLATO team once more because I think SCIO™ is the best tool to help engineers design and build better products.”
Richard Ryder

Richard has been a trainer, facilitator, and project manager for over 30 years.  During that time he worked with numerous teams in the areas of product and process improvement, to a large extent in the automotive industry. Most recently he managed internet infrastructure projects for Hewlett Packard.

Richard has provided training and facilitation for FMEA teams as well as SCIO™ software. He enjoys encouraging discussion and knowledge sharing in technology focused teams.

His education includes a Bachelor of Science degree from The United States Military Academy as well as a Masters of Business Administration degree from The University of Michigan.