PLATO AG and itemis AG as partners at TdSE 2018

Berlin 2018 - The annual Systems Engineering Day is one of the most important conferences on systems engineering in the German-speaking area.

PLATO AG and itemis AG as partners at TdSE 2018

More than 300 experts from business, industry and research meet to exchange experiences on the development of complex products and cross-industry networking. As a globally active provider of engineering software in the development and quality management environment, PLATO AG, regularly participates in this event as sponsor.

Last year in the 3-hour Tool Vendor Project of PLATO AG an aspect of a technical product was developed live in PLATO e1ns. The participants gained an exemplary insight into the product development with e1ns - from the requirements analysis, system modeling, method integration and project planning to the filing of all project-relevant documents and the output of the corresponding product files.

Christoph Borowski, location manager of itemis AG in Paderborn, was on site at TdSE 2017 and participated in the aforementioned tool vendor project. Mr. Borowski quickly recognized the similarities between PLATO AG and itemis AG.

itemis AG is an IT consulting company and provider of products and services for efficient software development projects. The core competence lies in the automation of software production via high-quality, tailor-made editors and views.

Therefore, it was obvious that Christoph Borowski would talk to Marcus Schorn, Head of Development (CTO) at PLATO AG. At that time PLATO was looking for a development service provider to integrate PLATO e1ns into a heterogeneous software environment - for itemis can offer this with the YAKINDU Traceability Adapter technology.

It was quickly agreed to work together and to develop customer-driven integration solutions. A first intermediate success is the prototype connection of IBM DOORS to PLATO e1ns with the help of YAKINDU Traceability.

This year, PLATO and itemis will be represented at the Systems Engineering Conference from 5th to 7th November 2018 - as partners with the common booth number 19. Besides the products PLATO e1ns and YAKINDU Traceability, we will present a common showcase.