PLATO FMEA Software still No. 1

New edition of the benchmark - The latest FMEA KONKRET issue published the new edition of the great FMEA software comparison.

PLATO FMEA Software weiter vorn

The FMEA software of PLATO AG performed best, as in the last FMEA Software Benchmark. The PLATO software meets 38 of the 40 criteria (must be met/should be met/are to be met) with the grade "very good" and is once again the number 1 among the considered software providers in this comparison.

A new edition of the study was carried out because the technologies and development requirements are rapidly evolving and the software manufacturers launch new releases in short intervals. The FMEAplus Academy has added further software vendors to the benchmark, providing an optimal overview of the available FMEA software offering.

The evaluation (cf. Benchmark FMEA Software in the FMEA KONKRET Issue 09/2017) on the FMEAplus side states that PLATO FMEA Software is an FMEA-focused software with an integrated SysML editor, integration of FuSi aspects and with meaningful and impressive processing possibilities of the results and automatic forwarding of all changes of an FMEA. The ease of use on the web and the easy installation is also seen as the biggest advantage.