Software Development for Dynamic Networking of Medical Devices

Research project uses PLATO software

The CMSSE (Center for Medical Software and Systems Engineering) is a collaborative project of the University of Lübeck (Institutes ITM, ISP, IMI) and the UniTransferKlinik Lübeck. It addresses the quality-assured software development concerning the networking of medical devices in the operating room – among each other and with adjacent information systems.

For this purpose, the project team has chosen to use the PLATO software solution. "PLATO SCIO™ enables simple and consistent modeling of requirements and architecture elements and provides a complete transfer of the information structure into the risk analysis," says Alexander Mildner, Project Manager from the UniTransferKlinik Lübeck, explaining the decision for using the PLATO SCIO™ solution. According to him, a further big advantage of PLATO SCIO™ is the easy creation and modification of FMEAs and their data transfer to external systems.