Well prepared for the FMEA Alignment

The implementation with PLATO e1ns - The FMEA guideline currently being developed by the industry associations VDA and AIAG contains a number of expected changes that will enable European and North American suppliers to map a uniform FMEA business process including a collection of method tools.

Well prepared for the FMEA Alignment

In preparation for FMEA Alignment according to VDA/AIAG

The goal is to create an accurate, complete and robust FMEA that meets all customer requirements.

The FMEA leaves the pure method corner. It is now defined as an important, integral part of the development process. In this way, communication between the process participants across all development methods becomes more important.

What has to be considered in the newly defined seven steps to carry out an FMEA? What does an implementation look like using PLATO e1ns technology by means of an example?