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Prevent known failures, detect unknown failures early. With the e1ns Cloud, you are provided with all the benefits to meet global FMEA standards.

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...and since everything is in the cloud, everyone involved can simply access the e1ns Cloud via internet connection - eliminating the need for expensive hardware or software. The e1ns Cloud grows with your business: You can easily extend your subscription for additional employees or upgrade to another edition with additional features. Your business processes are not interrupted, because we take care of the processes in the background.

Internationally recognized and well established.

Transparent development processes, a common understanding of the system and good, net­worked cooperation provide the basis for eco­no­mical, fast and successful product development - from the idea to the product. As a cloud solution, PLATO e1ns is used in the product and process development of numerous companies.


Easily adaptable to your needs and requirements.

The e1ns cloud grows with your company: You can easily extend your subscription for additional employees or upgrade to another edition with additional features. Your business processes will not be interrupted and the scope of services can be flexibly adapted to your individual needs and budget.

The Packages

FMEA as an important, integral part of the development process. This gives higher priority to communication between the process participants across all development methods. The new standards make FMEAs an integral part of the product development process, from the first requirement to the final product.


Are you ready for the extremely powerful, flexible and scalable PLATO e1ns Cloud?

Engineering Cloud | Packages

FMEA Free | Starter-Package

With the FMEA Free package you can start immediately and create your own FMEA using sample data. For the standardized structure, important modules are available to help you through the individual work steps for performing an FMEA.

  • Start-ups and very small teams. Up to 2 users.
  • Register online at any time.
  • Ready for use immediately.

FMEA Standard | Basic-Package

With the "FMEA Standard" package you meet the requirements of the AIAG/VDA Standards and easily implement the steps to perform an FMEA.

  • Creation of DFMEA, PFMEA and System Structures, Working in Networks
  • Action Management
  • Project Management
  • Management and Versioning of FMEA-Documents

Design Pro | Process Pro

Design or Process? In addition to the FMEA Standard package, the "Design Pro" and "Process Pro" packages provide you with features to master product and process development workflows.

  • Visualization and Process Planning, incl. FMEA and Control Plan
  • Visual System, Product, and Structure Modelling

FMEA Premium | Full Package

The "FMEA Premium" package is for users who are responsible for design and process consistency.

  • All Functions in one edition
  • incl. Process Pro | Visua­li­zation and Planning of Processes
  • incl. Design Pro | Visual Modelling of Systems, Products, Structures
 FMEA FreeFMEA StandardProcess Pro
incl. APQP
Design ProFMEA Premium
Action ManagementFMEA Actions
System Structure
Function and Failure Nets
FMEA Data Import (MSR 2.1.2 Exchange Format)
Management and Versioning of Documents-
Project Management-
Visually Plan Process Steps and Sequences---
Process Flow Chart, Tabular---
Control Plan---
Preparation with P-Diagram---
Modelling (SysML) as Block Structure Diagram---
Requirement analysis---
Co-Worker (Reader/ action processor)*-
Cost per user per month**for free125,- €175,- €175,- €225,- €

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30 days for free

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30 days for free

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30 days for free

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*Cost per Co-Worker per month = 10,- € (only in combination with one of the listed cloud packages): Implementation of FMEA actions (status, information on the action taken) and organizational actions; Reading of FMEAs and related documents; No editing rights of FMEAs and documents

**Starting in the cloud with at least 3 users.
  • You decide where your data is located. For companies who want the highest flexibility beyond the standards. Your dedicated e1ns cloud.
PLATO e1ns Cloud. The Requirements for Real Innovations.Your benefits.

Working everywhere.Just by using the web browser.

e1ns Cloud makes companies more agile, efficient and productive. The reason: employees can access the cloud from any location.

Outsourcing IT Services.Everything from one source.

Providing, maintenance and updates are carried out by PLATO DevOps experts. They relieve companies of the burden in terms of IT security. The providers take care of security updates and, depending on the use case, backups and archiving of data.

Strengthen collaboration.

Working together centrally on the system model.

The e1ns cloud facilitates cooperation between different disciplines or locations by networking across teams and locations.

Scaling your demand.Reducing costs.

Access to the application can be easily extended or reduced according to requirements. Companies only pay for the services they actually use.

The decision is yours.
PLATO supports you in making your choice.

Our services are designed to simplify your adoption of PLATO e1ns solutions, whether you choose to host in a public or private cloud, on-prem or a combination - the choice is yours!

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