PLATO e1ns and it's origin

PLATO e1ns - Engineering is so simple

The modules of the new PLATO engineering product-series follow a clear name schema. Actions, documents, aspects and so on – all combine the prefix “e1ns”. But what does e1ns actually mean?

e1ns [aɪns] represents the synonyms like the best, the first, leading, uniqueness, unit, focus, individuality. “e1ns” stands in front of each PLATO product of this engineering framework.

The word e1ns expresses a simple, direct and central access to all networked specifications and actions plus methods inside the product development process. The fundamental idea that the PLATO engineering framework serves as a single point of information and cares for the understanding of all engineering information is taken into account.

Furthermore the word “e1ns” stands for a common platform on which all engineering teams – across locations also – work together in the product development.

It was knowingly chosen a German spelling, to underline the compliance to the highest German quality standards and the relationship to the “German Engineering” community, which is synonymous for efficiency, environmental awareness, innovative capacity and economic efficiency worldwide. At the same time e1ns serves for the delimitation of the historical grown business areas as well as for the one system, where all well-established PLATO products run.

PLATO e1ns – A system for all!

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