SCIO™-FMEASafe risk control.

Thanks to the database technology of SCIO™-FMEA, the requirements for knowledge management, multi-user capability and foreign language support are met.


With SCIO™, products are developed and produced according to the customer's demands. SCIO™ is a product family with practical modules that fulfill a wide range of requirements and perform numerous tasks in engineering. The success of SCIO™ is especially due to the central database shared by all modules that makes knowledge management and the ability to reuse knowledge possible in the first place.

Get to know SCIO™

SCIO™-FMEAThe efficient tool for database-driven FMEA with integration into business processes.

Risk management with FMEA is a preferred way to identify, evaluate and take appropriate action to minimize problems and vulnerabilities. PLATO's FMEA software solutions are among the most efficient and effective currently available. This is based on the systematic and practical implementation of the FMEA methodology and is essentially achieved by the database technology used.

PLATO's FMEA software solutions are among the most efficient and effective currently available. This is based on the systematic and practical implementation of the FMEA methodology and is essentially achieved by the database technology used.

A risk management process does not work in isolation. The central PLATO database ensures that data from risk analyses are shared by other PLATO software modules, e.g. in SCIO™-Control-Plan.

Integration into the IT landscape of a company is ensured via interfaces. PLM, MES, etc. are also used together. A connection to a central action management system for processing FMEA measures or the filing of risk management files in a central DMS complete the risk management process.

Use PLATO's technology and methodical experience:

  • Save time.
  • Reduce costs.
  • Increase the quality of your analyses.
Why SCIO™-FMEA? Your advantages.
User-Friendly & Practical
  • PLATO SCIO™-FMEA offers you a flexible start in analysis.
  • An integrated assistant for filling out the form gives even beginners security in the methodology and operation.
  • Design your FMEA practically and integrate technical drawings, graphics, photos, tables and texts into the FMEA forms.
  • Input support, similar to MS Excel, offers data for transfer into the form.
  • SCIO™ takes knowledge contexts into account, e.g: "Which cause is already known for this error?"
Analysis & Reviews
  • Evaluation standards give you comparable risk priority figures, making it easier to prioritise investments for improvement measures.
  • Define specific evaluation catalogues for projects or customers.
  • Use the uncomplicated evaluation via graphical representations: RPZ, Pareto, risk matrix.
  • Evaluations are carried out across projects. Each user can define his own search queries.
International & Cross-Locational
  • With SCIO™-FMEA you work internationally.
  • FMEAs can be translated into any number of languages. Translations are only entered once and used in all documents.
  • Display, printing and working in foreign language forms is easy.
  • Foreign language colleagues can continue working directly in a translation, so that their contribution is immediately available and thus value-adding.
Database & Knowledge Management
  • Experience and knowledge is the capital of a company. Especially the knowledge about problems, their effects and the possibilities to reduce risks should always be at hand.
  • SCIO™-database preserves the knowledge and makes it usable. For each question you get an answer from the software - based on known or possible connections.
  • Compared to file-based systems, the SCIO™ database is easily able to provide project- and product-independent knowledge and evaluations.
Maik Teschner, Nexperia Germany GmbH

Maik Teschner about the use of the PLATO Risk Management software SCIO™ at Nexperia Germany GmbH.

Holger Handelmann, Lumileds Germany GmbH

Holger Handelmann about the use of PLATO Risk Management Software SCIO™ at Lumileds Germany GmbH.

Jochen Bauhaus, Johann Borgers GmbH

Jochen Bauhaus about the reasons for using the FMEA software from PLATO at Johann Borgers GmbH.

Gerhard Seifert, Tenneco GmbH

Gerhard Seifert about the reasons for using PLATO FMEA software at Tenneco GmbH.

Jürgen Heinzelmann, Mahle Behr GmbH & Co. KG

Jürgen Heinzelmann about the use and the advantages of the template management system from PLATO.

Gary Baker, PhD, Johnson Matthey

Gary Baker, PhD, about the reasons for using the PLATO software at Johnson Matthey.

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