The 7 Steps of FMEA

The 7 Steps of FMEA3. What has to be considered in the functional analysis?

Assignment of functions (described by requirements / specifications) to a system element

  • Assignment of functions to the relevant system elements
  • Overview of the functionality of the product or process
  • Assignment of requirements/characteristics to individual functions
  • Visualization (function net/tree)

PLATO e1ns is the web-based Product Innovation Platform for the optimal design of the product development process. 

Model-based, visual, consistent, agile, simple, scalable, and globally available.

The methodology of e1ns.architect combines structure and function analysis

The structure- and the function analysis are carried out in a common matrix. Orientation is easily possible without media discontinuity and systematic analysis is supported.

  • Functional relationships result automatically from the system design and are visualized as nets.
  • The function net shows how the requirements are related to the implementation. It shows, e.g. the influence of a process step on the product functionality.
e1ns.architect: Smart connections.e1ns.architect: Smart connections.

For the rapid and systematic construction of a model of the system architecture.


Result in report / form sheet