The 7 steps of FMEA

The 7 steps of FMEA7. Reports for communication with management and customers

To turn your FMEAs into living documents, you should pursue a continuous improvement approach. This requires the results to be made available both internally and to customers.

In e1ns, all development documents are stored directly in the system structure attached to the corresponding system elements. Thus, all necessary documents can be found quickly at any time. The creation of product files at the push of a button easily allows a complete and consistent documentation. A dashboard provides an overview of all relevant key figures.

PLATO e1ns is the web-based Product Innovation Platform for the optimal design of the product development process. 

Model-based, visual, consistent, agile, simple, scalable, and globally available.

Company-specific layout of the documentation (FMEA file)

  • Summarized report
  • Scope of FMEA results
  • S/O/D rating tables
  • Action priority
  • Results and conclusions of the analysis
  • ...

Document management

e1ns.documents: Engineering assurance.e1ns.documents: Engineering assurance.

Control and release of documentation in all phases of the product development.

e1ns.output: Engineering proof.e1ns.output: Engineering proof.

Automated detection and output of result documents.

e1ns.actions: Integrated collaboration.e1ns.actions: Integrated collaboration.

A solution to manage projects, tasks, and actions in all phases of the product development process.