The 7 Steps of FMEA

The 7 Steps of FMEA2. What does the Structure Analysis include?

Breakdown into system, subsystem, component, part

  • Identification of relevant system elements
  • Definition of the system structure
  • Visualization of the scope of analysis
  • Analysis of relationships, interfaces, interactions

PLATO e1ns is the web-based Product Innovation Platform for the optimal design of the product development process. 

Model-based, visual, consistent, agile, simple, scalable, and globally available.

The methodology of e1ns.architect

The methodology of e1ns.architect allows to build a model of the system architecture very quickly and systematically.

This reciprocal process between the formulation of the requirement and the selection of a component for its implementation, automatically builds a system structure. The division into individual, independent units / elements which can be realized separately is depicted in a hierarchical tree. The analysis also includes the company’s own production processes and the components manufactured by suppliers.

e1ns.architect: Smart connections.e1ns.architect: Smart connections.

For the rapid and systematic construction of a model of the system architecture.



Commonly used to visualize the system structure:

  • Block diagram
  • Structure tree and net
  • Process flow chart (PFMEA)
  • Result in report / form sheet
e1ns.aspects: Model-based Engineering.e1ns.aspects: Model-based Engineering.

A visual representation to design a system/product.

e1ns.flow: Modeling and visualizing processes.e1ns.flow: Modeling and visualizing processes.

Your central tool in the process planning phase.