Electronics and Semiconductors Industry

Electronics and Semiconductors IndustryEnd-to-end data networking for
zero-defect products.

PLATO e1ns combines all the necessary tools to reliably meet your 'First Time Right' agreements.

Optimal Processes for Optimal Products

The semiconductor industry is a supplier to highly dynamic industries with short development cycles, such as the automotive and medical technology sectors. "First Time Right" agreements commit to zero-defect delivery, which is a major challenge for products with a size of 0.4 mm and smaller. Failures must not occur here because the components are too small to repair. In addition, a large number of variants creates large maintenance efforts across the product range.

The solution: effective process analysis in the early stages of development, end-to-end networked data and variant management in a single tool.

Besides the high demands of OEMs, suppliers from the electronics and semiconductor industries are under pressure to meet current norms and standards. Depending on the industry, different methods are used here. Particularly in view of increasing complexity, professional software is needed that maps methods according to all current standards and networks the data end-to-end.

PLATO e1ns combines development processes, methods, efficient variant management and a unique lessons learned process on one platform. Held together by a Digital Thread for optimal product quality.

Designing processes conveniently

  • Specifically for process analysis, e1ns offers to assemble a process based on templates for the sub-processes.
  • Templates for sub-processes are "clicked together" in a tree view and automatically build a process flow chart for the overall process in the work database.
  • The integrated template management system creates templates adapted to the needs of system analysis and risk management, releases them in a regulated process and publishes them specifically for the user group.


Learning systematically from experience

  • A controlled process ensures the systematic release and distribution of knowledge
  • Templates provide standards for product / process variants
  • Users apply tried and tested and focus on new requirements
  • Feedback from the application updates the template (Lessons Learned)
  • New experiences are redistributed via new template versions

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Create process flow chart easily

  • Process configurator for fast cross-structural setup of complex relationships between process/product structure, machines and characteristics
  • User-friendly matrix display
  • Process configuration automatically fills the process flow chart with essential data
  • Process data updates and changes are automatically reflected in other forms (FMEA, production control plan, etc.)
  • Critical process and product characteristics are consistently marked and updated

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Ensure Compliance
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