A Call to the Team.

Not only the participants of our trainings benefit from the moderation cards. This guide is intended for all FMEA team members.

The FMEA moderation cards are based on the AIAG & VDA FMEA manual 2019 edition 1 incl. evaluation catalog. It illustrates in a compact way the importance of an FMEA meeting and guides through the failure analysis in 7 steps.

In addition to the moderation cards for Process- and Design-FMEA, you will also receive the guide for FMEA-MSR as a moderation card incl. the evaluation catalog.

FMEA-MSR can be applied in support of Design-FMEA to analyze customer operations and is useful for safety or regulatory relevant systems or characteristics of systems. The FMEA-MSR (Monitoring and System Responses) method was introduced to ensure that safety objectives (as required by ISO 26262) are fully considered and met. A major focus of the analysis is to determine whether the system or end user recognizes a failure when it occurs, under normal operating conditions. In other words, it is used to maintain a safe state or a state of regulatory compliance during customer operations.

Start every FMEA meeting well prepared, whether as a participant or moderator, and get your free moderation card in digital and / or print version.

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The compact guides for FMEA team members incl. evaluation catalog in digital and / or print version. For Design-FMEA, Process-FMEA and FMEA-MSR! Request now free of charge!