New version of PLATO e1ns is available for download

PLATO provides e1ns version 3.2 (incl. SCIO™ 8.2) with extensive enhancements. The update contains as a highlight an extension of the module e1ns.architect. The network view makes it easier for project members to get started with visual work and allows focused editing or checking of links. In addition, enhancements have been made to AIAG/VDA forms, catalogues and master data.

PLATO e1ns 3.2 and SCIO 8.2

Main features are:

  • Evaluation catalogs can be edited or newly created in PLATO e1ns. After the installation of e1ns 3.2, an automatic transfer of the SCIO™ catalogs takes place. Subsequently, the catalog administrations of e1ns and SCIO™ are maintained separately.
  • Master data catalogs are available in PLATO e1ns. New master data is also created there.


  • New system elements, functions or errors can now be created directly in the net view. The optimized structure of the view and new filters support focused work.


  • Sending for the e1ns Newsletter can now be used in a monthly interval.


  • Target and actual efforts for projects, milestones and actions can now be calculated and displayed in the project overview. A new filter allows displaying projects that exceed the budgeted effort.


  • AIAG/VDA harmonization: The form "DFMEA with MSR" has received the full range of functions. Data that was entered for test purposes in the first expansion stage is only partially transferred. If necessary, data must be saved as an Excel document before the update.

Important information before the update

Customizations: Customers who have customized forms, risk graphs or output documents must register here for the update.

The update is now available for our service customers. The download is free of charge. Here you will also find detailed information about the improvements and installation. Download the new version under "PLATO SCIO 8.2" / "PLATO e1ns 3.2" or request a DVD here.