NEW: Find documents - fast and easy

Launch of the first PLATO XERI™-Web-module!

NEW: Find documents - fast and easy

Use the easy access to approved documents via XERI ™-web today and try out the new features including live-search, tagging, search-filter-storage and much more.

With PLATO XERI™-Web you have a fast, direct and easy access to your organizational documents (quality manual, security, etc.) with your personal tag. In addition to searching, finding, reading and managing "My Documents", XERI™-Web users are able to confirm the receipt of documents and attach notes.

With PLATO's new Web Client, you can provide the correct document for the user: the current version, meeting all formal criteria.

Look forward to more features! Other new applications for the PLATO Web Client will be launched in January 2014.

Are you curious? Contact me to get a first impression of the new PLATO Web client.