Software Release: Highlights of the New e1ns Version

With the new version e1ns 4.0 PLATO has implemented a large number of new features and improvements. Here are the five highlights of the new software version.

1. Answers to All Questions - Database Analysis

By analyzing data, users have the opportunity to gain an overview and make informed decisions. Depending on the activity, they have different tasks to perform. The following questions may need to be answered:

  • "Where do I have open actions?"
  • "Are there already solutions for my problem?"
  • "How many high risks are there in the process?"

These and other questions are answered with the new module e1ns.finder.

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2. Visual Work in Networks and Creation of Tasks

Visual working in nets is preferred by many users. With the Netbuilder from e1ns, causes and effects can be quickly identified and linked. In addition, actions can now be initiated during failure analysis.

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3. New Procedure: Access Rights according to Confidentiality Levels

PLATO e1ns has an extensive rights concept. A new addition is the possibility to allow or prevent access to system elements. The new concept has been implemented in a very convenient way, so that only one classification needs to be entered in the master data of a system element.

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4. Knowledge Management and Optimization of the Lessons Learned Process

Knowledge management is one of the great strengths of PLATO e1ns. Standardized terms can now also be made available via catalogs with the new version. In addition, the Lessons Learned Process for improving templates has been completely revised and its range of functions greatly expanded.

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5. Fault Tree Analysis with e1ns.fta

With e1ns.fta PLATO e1ns has received a module for fault tree analysis in version 4.0. The systematic structure of system and function structures is a good basis to carry out Fault Tree Analyses.

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