PLATO University Program

PLATO University Program

As part of the PLATO University Program, universities receive free access to PLATO e1ns software licenses for use in seminars, laboratories and lectures.
Access to the latest technologies is an important basis for success in your studies and profession.


  • Free access to the current version of PLATO e1ns
  • Only a local installation is necessary, the work in the software is done completely via the web browser
  • Practical relevance through software support of lecture topics, such as risk management, product development, etc.
  • Enhancement of professional qualifications through early handling of PLATO e1ns
  • More Practice with PLATO
  • Access to the latest technologies is an important basis for success in studies and profession.

PLATO e1ns is one of the most efficient and innovative software solutions on the market with its web-based access, the practical modules for fulfilling a wide range of engineering requirements and tasks. PLATO e1ns stands for risk and knowledge management in the customer-oriented development of products and is used for products and production processes in various sectors.

PLATO e1ns for Universities

With the PLATO University Program, the participating university is given the opportunity to carry out the entire development process with software support at the highest level for teaching purposes. This starts with customer requirements, goes on to specifications in function-driven system analysis and extends to risk analysis and the derivation of measures.Universities receive one semester of free web access to PLATO e1ns software licenses for use in courses. Use in teaching includes classroom courses, laboratory courses or related university programs. The contract can be extended for further semesters. *Commercial use is excluded.

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Maik Teschner

Maik Teschner about the use of the PLATO Risk Management software SCIO™ at Nexperia Germany GmbH.

Holger Handelmann

Holger Handelmann about the use of PLATO Risk Management Software SCIO™ at Lumileds Germany GmbH.

Jochen Bauhaus

Jochen Bauhaus about the reasons for using the FMEA software from PLATO at Johann Borgers GmbH.

Gerhard Seifert

Gerhard Seifert about the reasons for using PLATO FMEA software at Tenneco GmbH.

Jürgen Heinzelmann

Jürgen Heinzelmann about the use and the advantages of the template management system from PLATO.

Gary Baker

Gary Baker, PhD, about the reasons for using the PLATO software at Johnson Matthey.

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