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Gain insight into the advantages of PLATO software. In reference videos our customers report how they optimize their business processes with our software. Also get an impression of PLATO events, trade fairs and network events. Software tutorials are available in our Customer Portal.

Maik Teschner

Maik Teschner about the use of the PLATO Risk Management software SCIO™ at Nexperia Germany GmbH.

Holger Handelmann

Holger Handelmann about the use of PLATO Risk Management Software SCIO™ at Lumileds Germany GmbH.

Jochen Bauhaus

Jochen Bauhaus about the reasons for using the FMEA software from PLATO at Johann Borgers GmbH.

Gerhard Seifert

Gerhard Seifert about the reasons for using PLATO FMEA software at Tenneco GmbH.

Jürgen Heinzelmann

Jürgen Heinzelmann about the use and the advantages of the template management system from PLATO.

Gary Baker

Gary Baker, PhD, about the reasons for using the PLATO software at Johnson Matthey.

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