Exchange on the harmonization of VDA and AIAG

Strasbourg: Review PLATO Network - The International PLATO Network took place in Strasbourg on March 23, 2017.

Exchange on the harmonization of VDA and AIAG

The 38 FMEA experts from 25 international companies met for exchange on the forthcoming changes in the course of the VDA / AIAG harmonization. In his lecture "VDA & AIAG FMEA Alignment", Thomas Scherg (member of the working group AIAG-VDA FMEA harmonization) gave deep insight into the current work situation of the working group. Participants took the opportunity to ask their questions about and discuss the planned changes.

Practical experience

Maik Teschner (Nexperia Germany) shared his experiences in the global FMEA development with PLATO SCIO ™ with the participants. He specifically highlighted the importance of the FMEA moderator, who plays a crucial role especially in international companies.

How the switch from SCIO™ to PLATO e1ns can be achieved, reported Daniel Holland from Adient Ltd. In his presentation, he led the participants through the gradual changeover strategy, answering the numerous questions of the participants.

PLATO e1ns technology - how to go on.

Marcus Schorn (CTO) and Michael Gadau (Sales) gave an insight into the current state of PLATO e1ns. While Mr. Schorn was looking at the upcoming changes in the software, Mr. Gadau presented the new e1ns.architect - the tool for the simple and fast creation of the central system architecture.

The participants were particularly interested in the intensive knowledge exchange and the high-profile and well-founded lectures.

We are already planning the international PLATO Network 2018. Further information will follow soon, here on our webpage. Again, we want to thank our participants and the speakers, who made the PLATO Network 2017 in Strasbourg a big success.

Thank you and see you soon.