Review: PLATO Network Zurich

March 1st, 2018 - On March 1st, 2018 PLATO and the network attendees entered the New Age of FMEA.

Review: PLATO Network Zurich

What's New

40 FMEA experts met in Zurich for one day to discuss the future of FMEA, due to the VDA/AIAG Alignment. VDA/AIAG Working Group member Ronny Jakubasch (Robert Bosch GmbH) introduced the latest draft of the new FMEA Handbook. Amongst others, Mr. Jakubasch elaborated on, why RPN is being replaced by Action Priority, how to prioritize according to the new rating system, how to handle existing FMEAs for use in the future, and the importance of Lessons Learned. He further pointed out that FMEA is more than handling over documents – FMEA is a living method, which is dependent on a good communication process.

From Isolated to Integrated FMEA

With the VDA/AIAG Alignment, FMEA can no longer be handled isolated from the development process. Marcus Schorn (CTO, PLATO AG) presented, how FMEA can become an integrated part of the PDP and how easy communication can be. He showed, how FMEA work is spread over the development activities and how the new FMEA form could look like. Thank’s to the open source technology, new forms and changes can be adapted quickly and consistently, so that users always work compliant with the latest standards.

How working with e1ns looks like, elaborated the PLATO experts, who showed how the new 6 steps of FMEA can be carried out with PLATO e1ns.

Due to the lively participation and in-depht discussions with our attendees, the International PLATO Network 2018 was a valuable event. Thank you to our speakers and attendees!