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"We need a continuous traceability and this is simply great to realize with XERI™. The documentation, such as the design dossier and regulatory requirements which are no less stringent  can be optimally mapped and provided. Since we are not only active on the European market, but also on the Asian market and in the USA, we need such requirements. With XERI™, we are networked worldwide with our sales companies, and that works well."

Bärbel Müller | Quality Management | Waldemar LINK GmbH & Co. KG

"We chose PLATO software because it has all the features we need to satisfy our IATF 16949 industry standards and VDA 4 requirements. PLATO is very good at understanding our needs and making sure the software really fits. Compared to other companies, PLATO understood the process and philosophy of FMEA risk assessment and attached great importance to the process being correct and not just the columns in the right place, for example. This is the key differentiator between PLATO and other companies. PLATO's service makes us feel like a team. PLATO is not just a supplier to us, PLATO is a team member."

Gary Baker | Principal Quality Engineer | Johnson Matthey Chemical Products

"We use PLATO software to coordinate our design and process FMEAs worldwide. Since 2009, we have been using the Template Manager, PLATO's template management system for system and risk analysis, to track which projects have been modified from which template. It also shows us, among other things, which releases are behind it. In the end, this enables us to map all the pages that are now required by the IATF."

Jürgen Heinzelmann | Quality Management TQD | Mahle Behr GmbH & Co.KG

"My job as Quality Project Leader at Lumileds Germany GmbH is to support the project teams in the product development process. One of my important tasks is to carry out FMEAs with the teams. The risk management tool of PLATO AG supports us in this. We have been using the PLATO software at our development center in Aachen since 1998 and have come to appreciate it as a database. A few years ago we decided to include our sister companies, which proved to be very successful. Now all colleagues have access to the data and can use it together."

Holger Handelmann | Quality Project Leader | Lumileds Germany GmbH

"We use FMEAs worldwide. Thanks to the PLATO database technology, our colleagues in China, Malaysia and Hong Kong, among others, also have access to our FMEAs. This ensures that we can work together. The central database enables us to communicate with each other and use the tools together. First and foremost, we use the FMEA and Matrix software solutions. Our products are very complex, but with the PLATO software we get a clear structure and keep the overview. We have almost 500 employees who operate with PLATO FMEA worldwide. You can only do this centrally with one system and that's why we rely on PLATO."

Maik Teschner | FMEA Senior Expert | Nexperia Germany GmbH

"PLATO SCIO™ enables project-specific processing and evaluation of FMEA scopes and very transparent tracking of the implementation of measures. The clear linking of external and internal functions and their assignment to the system elements guarantee FMEA completeness. The use of checklists and the possibilities of connecting different documents support moderation in a meaningful way and are used as a knowledge base for follow-up projects."

Igor Krotky | Quality Manager | Porsche AG

"In addition to significantly improved results, the processing time for a FMEA could be reduced by up to 30% thanks to the PLATO software SCIO™. With the help of the FMEA software, we were able to dispense with complicated assembly and testing equipment that would otherwise be required for process assurance."

Herwart Geiger | Eissmann Automotive Deutschland GmbH

"The result is a reduction of product ramp-up time. In companies in the automotive industry, production routes have already been optimized  lean production is a key word here. Even in development, time and costs can be saved by using simulation tools and rapid prototyping. Therefore, a well-structured knowledge transfer can be another piece in the mosaic to improve corporate competence. FMEA is installed throughout Europe at the automotive supplier Johnson Controls using PLATO software and used as a central information system. By consistently using the knowledge-based quality planning tools of PLATO, Johnson Controls improves product quality and shortens product start-up times by building up a centralized know-how database. PLATO has proven to be a competent and reliable partner during the conception and implementation of the concept, and has played a constructive role in its implementation."

Jürgen Wandelt | Johnson Controls Deutschland GmbH

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Maik Teschner

Maik Teschner about the use of the PLATO Risk Management software SCIO™ at Nexperia Germany GmbH.

Holger Handelmann

Holger Handelmann about the use of PLATO Risk Management Software SCIO™ at Lumileds Germany GmbH.

Jochen Bauhaus

Jochen Bauhaus about the reasons for using the FMEA software from PLATO at Johann Borgers GmbH.

Gerhard Seifert

Gerhard Seifert about the reasons for using PLATO FMEA software at Tenneco GmbH.

Jürgen Heinzelmann

Jürgen Heinzelmann about the use and the advantages of the template management system from PLATO.

Gary Baker

Gary Baker, PhD, about the reasons for using the PLATO software at Johnson Matthey.

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