Ford FMEA-Focused CSR and IATF 16949

Ford FMEA-Focused CSR and IATF 16949The New Requirements for All Ford Suppliers

Ford has recently announced that all suppliers will have to comply with their new IATF 16949-focused Customer Specific Requirements (CSR). It is vital that all Ford suppliers, regardless of location, prepare to meet the new requirements by the end of 2022. The good news: PLATO can help!

Ford’s FMEA Improvement Plan: What You Need to Know

To comply with Ford’s new IATF-16949 specific requirements, there are several specific items suppliers will need to adopt:

  • All suppliers will need to have FMEA Software. Excel will not suffice.
  • The ability to create and maintain “Foundation” DFMEA and PFMEAs
  • The ability to create and present a clear linkage between “foundation FMEAs”, part FMEAs, controls plans and work instructions.
  • The ability to build Reverse FMEAs
  • The ability to show document “problem solving” in Foundation FMEA and Part FMEAs
How Can PLATO Help?

PLATO offers an easy-to-use and affordable software application that can help you meet Ford’s new CSR, along with AIAG & VDA and AIAG 4th Edition. We can help your team get started quickly by following the process below:

  1. PLATO e1ns for IATF-16949 can be implemented quickly and is designed to scale with a wide range of suppliers (including very small operations).
  2. We can provide the expertise to ensure the system you select will future-proof you against other OEM-drive CSRs
  3. We can also help your team manage implementation and training in a timely manner.
How to Get Started?
How to Tackle FORDs new CSR & Prepare for the Future

This is an excellent webinar for Ford Suppliers looking for clarity around the new standard or for those seeking strategies for improving their Quality Risk Management processes.

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