PLATO Consultants

An experienced team

  • Over 20 years of industry and methodological experience
  • Implementation of more than 150 customer projects worldwide

Our team includes:

Division Management

Dr. Karin Ammon

Dr. Karin Ammon's work focuses on the conception of individual customer solutions for quality management processes in a regulated environment (medical and pharmaceutical technology).

In 1990 Karin Ammon completed her PhD in Bioprocess Engineering and joined PLATO AG. Before taking over the management of training and consulting, she accompanied international companies as a trainer and project manager concerning software-supported FMEA creation.

Management Assistance & Project Controlling

Manuela Meinokat

Manuela Meinokat has been working for PLATO AG since 1999. Her activity concentrates on sales and the handling of training and consulting. This includes the determination of requirements and conception of individual services, as well as project support in the implementation for the PLATO consultants.

She is responsible for our European partner program (PLATO Certified Consultants) and your contact person for all matters concerning the conclusion of contracts, training and awarding of contracts.


  • Certified office management clerk (IHK)
  • Certified Management Assistant bsb (focus on communication)
  • Certified Stress Management Trainer and Burnout Coach

Consulting & Project Management

Dr. Thomas Schmitz

The consulting activities of Dr. Thomas Schmitz concentrate on the conception and introduction of quality management processes in the medical technology, pharmaceutical and food industries. The focus is on projects to optimize company-wide processes such as document, audit, action and risk management.

Thomas Schmitz studied nutrition and food sciences at the Rheinische Friedrich-Wilhelms University in Bonn, specializing in quality management. During his PhD, his work and research focused on the further development of preventive quality management methods for special areas of application in companies in the food industry. Since 2005 Thomas Schmitz has been working in the training and consulting department of PLATO AG.


  • Ford Training and Further Education e.V.: FMEA-Training
  • DGQ: Qualification for "EOQ Quality Systems Manager"
  • PLATO AG: Training as FMEA Moderator
  • Concept Heidelberg: GMP Training Course "The Validation Officer"
  • VDMA: Member of the Medical Technology Working Group

Core competencies:

  • Introduction and validation of computer-aided systems according to GAMP 5 in a regulated environment
  • Implementation of the risk management process according to DIN EN ISO 14971
  • Introduction of QM methods / processes and software around the product life cycle of medical products
  • Moderation of risk analyses for medical devices

Consulting & Technical Documentation

Dr. Ummo Fooken

Dr. Ummo Fooken is Senior Consultant at PLATO AG. His work focuses on project support for the application of quality management tasks as well as strategic method development and training in the product development process. Ummo Fooken focuses on the automotive and automotive supplier industries as well as the pharmaceutical and medical technology industries.

Ummo Fooken holds a PhD in Chemistry at the C.v.O. University of Oldenburg. He is a trained SAP junior consultant for the process industry (GIB, Mainz) and has worked for PLATO AG since 2001. In this position, he serves international key accounts from the process and automotive supply industry as well as our partner program (PLATO Certified Consultants) in Germany and the USA.


  • Internal Auditor (REFA Association)
  • Project Management (KAYENTA)
  • Functional safety, SIL (HdT Essen)
  • Technical documentation (tec team)

Consulting & Major international projects

Claudia Lange

Claudia’s consultant service is concentrated on conceptual design and rollout of e1ns solutions for the automotive industry and consumer goods market. Her focus is on projects for optimization and evaluation of corporate processes in consideration of IATF 16494 and VDA and AIAG references. Focal point for these projects is the global rollout of corporate custom e1ns solutions in China, Europe, or USA.


  • DGQ: Qualification as “EOQ Quality Systems Manager”
  • PLATO AG: Trained and experienced FMEA Moderator

Core Competence:

  • Rollout of customer specific e1ns solutions for Automotive Industry and Consumer Good Market
  • Implementation of Risk Management Process according to IATF 16949
  • Introduction of Quality Management Methodologies and Software covering all aspects of product life cycle
  • Risk Analysis Moderation

Consulting & Project Management

Moritz Steuernagel

Moritz Steuernagel has been working as a consultant at PLATO AG since 2014. He supports our international customers in the introduction and application of our solutions for quality management methods in the product development process. Other activities include FMEA moderation and the creation of instructional videos on PLATO AG's product portfolio.

Moritz Steuernagel has a degree as Diplom-Informationswirt (FH) and several years of professional experience as an IT consultant. His focus was on the implementation of international projects for the introduction of database-supported CAD software in plant design.


  • Academy for Executives: Hybrid Project Management with Scrum
  • DGQ: Quality Management Course
  • PLATO AG: Training as FMEA Moderator

Application Development

Dr. Michael Entrup

Dr. Michael Entrup has been working as an application developer at PLATO AG since 2017. He is responsible for implementing customer-specific adaptations to our PLATO e1ns software. In cooperation with the consultants, new methods are developed in projects to adapt PLATO e1ns to the workflows of our customers.

Michael Entrup studied physics at WWU Münster and graduated in 2017 with a PhD in analytical transmission electron microscopy. He developed his first software projects with Java, but focused more on Python during his doctorate. The software projects focused on digital image processing, data analysis and machine learning.


Dr. Thiemo Zambanini

Dr. Thiemo Zambanini has been working as a consultant at PLATO AG since 2017. His consulting activities focus on supporting our customers in the introduction, roll-out and application of our solutions in the areas of quality management, product development and process planning.

Thiemo Zambanini studied biology at the Rheinisch Westfälische Technical University Aachen (RWTH Aachen University) with a focus on microbiology and genetics. During his PhD he was involved in the development of microbial production processes. His focus was in particular on the all-embracing optimization - starting with the selection of organisms, physiological and molecular biological work, bioprocess technology and bioinformatic analyses.

Training & Consulting

Marion Sievers

Marion Sievers has been working for PLATO AG since 2018. In addition to conducting user seminars, she is also responsible for project management tasks in international key account projects.

She studied Information Management at the Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart. One focus of her studies was the development of concepts for the optimization of user interfaces with regard to usability aspects. Afterwards she gained years of professional experience in application consulting and the distribution of software solutions, which are used in the field of Compliance & Risk as well as Media Intelligence.


  • Quality Management Specialist QMS-TÜV

Administration Training & Consulting

Jennifer Mietasch

Since May 2018, Jennifer Mietasch has been supporting the Dortmund team "Training, Consulting and Application Development" on all questions concerning the topic of user seminars.

She also supports the internal sales team in the area of new enquiries.

She completed her training as an office management clerk and studied business informatics and office organization at the University of Applied Sciences, BK Witten.


  • Trainer qualification certificate, IHK Dortmund
  • Online Marketing Management, Social Media Academy

Training & Consulting

Deborah Mojzych

Deborah Mojzych has been working in Customer Success Management at PLATO AG since 2018. She coordinates the planning and implementation of software updates for customers with individual, customer-specific adaptations. She plans all necessary steps in close contact with IT, development and quality assurance. Deborah accompanies the entire process from the joint development of customer requirements to the implementation of the completed solutions. Furthermore, she supports our customers with necessary configuration settings in PLATO e1ns.

Deborah studied Molecular Biology with a focus on Bio- and Nanotechnology and Bioengineering at the Westfalian University in Recklinghausen. As part of her final thesis, she focused on the implementation and validation of new analytical methods in a GMP-certified company specializing in various laboratory services for the pharmaceutical, medical technology and biotechnology industries. She is studying part-time for a Master's degree in Life Science Engineering and is expected to graduate with a Master's degree in 2021.

Application Development

Tobias Bielfeld

Tobias Bielfeld has been working at PLATO AG in Lübeck as an application developer since 2013. His tasks included the further development of the core functionality of the PLATO e1ns software. In 2018 he moved to the PLATO location in Dortmund. Part of his new tasks is the customization of our software PLATO e1ns, as well as the cooperation with the consultants to develop new methods in projects, with which PLATO e1ns is adapted to the workflows of our customers.

Tobias Bielfeld studied computer science as a major area and media informatics as a minor area at the University of Lübeck. His main focus was the visualization of RDF data of the Semantic Web with two-dimensional graphs. He developed this project primarily with Java and gained experience with the languages C, C++ and C#. During his professional career at PLATO AG he focused on the application of Python and web technologies such as HTML, JavaScript, JQuery and CSS.