The 7 Steps of FMEA

The 7 Steps of FMEA5. How is the risk evaluation carried out with Action Priority?

Estimate risk (Severity, Occurence, Detection) and prioritize the need of actions

  • Rating of Severity, Occurence and Detection for each failure chain
  • Assignment of prevention controls
  • Assignment of detection controls
  • Evaluation of Action Priority

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In the past, the RPN value alone was not sufficient to assess the risks. To avoid misinterpretation, the action priority is now being introduced. PLATO FMEA forms use the new evaluation catalogs for S, O, D and also the evaluation for the action priority.

FMEA connected: Create FMEAs in team work - worldwide and easy.FMEA connected: Create FMEAs in team work - worldwide and easy.

Individual, flexible and fast - The professional analysis to control risks.


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