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e1ns.templatesLessons Learned.

e1ns.templates offers you a unique process for the reuse of knowledge for your product development, which is only available at PLATO.

Master complexity based on experience, minimize the effort of cost and time and work uniformly throughout the company.

PLATO e1ns is the web-based Product Innovation Platform for the optimal design of the product development process.

Model-based, visual, consistent, agile, simple, scalable, and globally available.

e1ns.templatesSystematic Learning from Own Experiences.

Each project provides valuable insights that can be useful for subsequent projects. Using parts of an existing project as templates reduces the amount of work and time, avoids failures that have already been identified and thus contributes to the success of the company.

The central, web-based provision of templates enables a uniform working method and worldwide availability with minimal search effort.

In a regulated release procedure, templates are checked, released and published for a defined group of users.

New findings and experiences of users are transmitted to the responsible person and thus update the template. (Lessons Learned) In case of template changes all users are automatically informed.

Master templates

Use of standards and derived variants.

With e1ns.templates you create a master template as a standard for your products and/or processes. Derived from the master template, variant templates are created that keep a connection to the master.

Added knowledge leads to a new version of the master template. After release, the variant templates can be updated.

Templates for structures

Templates supply complete system structures with associated system elements, specifications and subsystems. In addition to the requirements, design / process analyses and the 5 M elements, all relevant models, analyses and documents are provided via the system structure.

The start of new projects is possible very quickly, even for complex products, based on the existing knowledge.

Templates for methods

A template provides not only the structure but also all relevant models, documents and quality methods, such as risk analysis, block diagram, process flow chart and FMEA.

The use of templates reduces your effort for creation and maintenance. Existing knowledge is used for new analyses, thus avoiding already identified failures and costly recall actions.

Templates for processes

With e1ns.templates you create process templates for the entire structure or work modularly with templates for sub-steps.

A process template contains all relevant structures, models, analyses and documents for your process. Graphical plans for the entire process can be adopted or, if required, created subsequently.

Templates for different business areas

The template database of e1ns.templates enables the use of templates for different divisions and international locations.

To support individual, independent working methods, the template database also supplies several working databases if required.

Why e1ns.templates? Your benefits.
  • No need to search: Templates are provided by a central location.
  • Correct templates: Only up-to-date and released templates are used.
  • No risk of confusion: Old versions of revised templates are not available and are archived.
  • Active communication: Template users receive a message when the template is updated.
  • Updating: Users can easily accept changes in documents they have already edited.
  • Saves time: The time and effort required by the author to maintain a template is minimized.
  • Security: Templates can only be changed by users with special rights.
  • Distribution: Templates are available at all locations throughout the company.
  • Lessons Learned: New findings from users update the template
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