PLATO Seminars

PLATO SeminarsThe Method in Focus

Develop an integrated method and data concept from requirements analysis to production planning - together with our consultants. Your security for the efficient operation of your business processes and your proof for the planning and implementation of product requirements!

Comprehensive seminar portfolio

Today, technical products are characterized by a short innovation time, a high number of variants and increasing complexity. In addition, the complexity of product development increases because the product development process is designed to be cross-location and cross-national. This brings new challenges for many companies, e.g. in the structure of the organization, in the control of the development process, data management and technical-economic risks.

In addition to the application of our software solutions, PLATO's seminar portfolio also includes procedures for the analysis, design and optimization of the methods and software solutions used.

The focus of our seminars is, beside the knowledge transfer, in the application of the knowledge.
We instruct the participants to develop and discuss practical concepts for their daily work in small groups.