FMEA Methodology Seminars

In our methodology seminars you receive a comprehensive overview of the application areas,
as well as the embedding of the FMEA method in quality strategies.

Extensive training

By carrying out practical examples, you will learn how to use the FMEA method. Extended working methods as well as the distinction between design and process FMEA are discussed in detail. Important core elements of the seminars are the 7 steps for FMEA creation according to AIAG & VDA FMEA manual.

Provided method seminars
  • FMEA acc. to VDA/AIAG, part 1 - Methodology: Basic knowledge for FMEA creation
  • FMEA acc. to VDA/AIAG, part 2 - Moderation: Expert knowledge and practical exercises in the team to create an FMEA