PLATO Certified Consultants

PLATO Certified Consultants

We have a team of PLATO certified business consultants to expand our range of services.

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Our PLATO Certified Consultants
The link between customer and PLATO

„Since 2008 I am an independent consultant, expert for FMEA methodology and reliability calculations. I have been working with PLATO since 2005, initially as a user and now as a PLATO Certified Consultant (PCC).

I appreciate this status very much, because one is always the link between the customers and the PLATO company. You learn first-hand about the status of developments and can help shape them, which I find very nice.

This very good connection gives me the opportunity to inform the customers about what is coming and what they can look forward to.“

Dr. Britta Maid, Fa. fmea compACT

Member of a great team

„With the PCC partnership, I was able to establish and efficiently develop my status as an independent FMEA expert. The provision of training and moderation activities also contributed to this.

Appropriate training offers are made available to PLATO Certified Consultants for an optimum introduction to the software or for the introduction of new modules. Another enriching aspect is the regular exchange of information about the PLATO e1ns software and methodology, both with the PLATO consulting team and with PCC colleagues. It's good that there is this pleasant opportunity for communication and cooperation. It always gives me the pleasant feeling of being a member of a great team.“

Dipl. Ing. (FH) Johannes Fellner, lr-engineering GmbH, 88142 Wasserburg

Very pleasant time of cooperation

"As an independent consultant, I am a Certified Consultant Partner of PLATO. I have been working with PLATO for over 20 years, so I can already be counted among the senior consultants in the company. The cooperation started in 1998 in my former company, where I had introduced the PLATO software. Due to the positive experiences it was then obvious in my self-employment in 2001 to sit down with PLATO to enter into a partnership as a consultant.

For more than 20 years we have been loyal to each other and look back on a very pleasant time of cooperation. This also includes the constructive discussions with Marcus Schorn (CTO) regarding the development of the software. Together we have been able to get quite a few things off the ground, such as the family tree.

Currently I am also working as a PLATO e1ns consultant and several implementation projects of PLATO e1ns have already been realized. I am looking forward to a joint and further successful future with PLATO."

Edwin Herter, Fa. Ingenieurbüro Herter

Moderation with the FMEA Test Winner

For many years, PLATO has maintained a network of independent consultants and consulting firms, thus offering our customers a wide range of services in their vicinity. Are you a freelance FMEA consultant or a consultant? Then combine the opportunities of independence with a competitive advantage through the partnership with PLATO.

Your benefits

  • Use the innovative PLATO technology for your FMEA moderation
  • Benefit from the scalable and future -proof PLATO Software
  • Gain visibility by being part of the PLATO Community
  • Use the strong PLATO brand for your business and open up for new client potential


Your Contact
Manuela Meinokat
Manuela Meinokat
+49 451-93 09 86-09

fmea compACT, 71065 Sindelfingen, Germany

fmea compACT offers competent and active support in the field of FMEA. The interdisciplinary services for development and production with a focus on semiconductor, metal processing and aerospace range from training, moderation and coaching to the FMEA strategy.

FMEAplus Akademie GmbH, 89073 Ulm, Germany

We offer training, consulting and coaching from the basic to expert level and in-house- as well as adapted trainings to your company.

Industrieberatung Dr. Liebelt, 22851 Norderstedt/Hamburg, Germany

High quality and efficiency by early prevention of defects:

Custom fit support for quality and process management in product development, transfer and production

  • Training and consulting for FMEA methods and software application
  • Moderation of workshops

IGH - Engineering Office Gunnar & Lydie Hahn GbR, 66636 Tholey, Germany

Training and moderation of Product- & Process-FMEA in German, English and French.

Ingenieurbüro Herter, 88289 Waldburg, Germany

Your expert for FMEA, risk management (MED), SCIO™ and PLATO e1ns. Mr. Herter offers you a qualified software training for all SCIO™ modules FMEA, Matrix Analysis, Net-Builder, Control or Production Control Plan (CP), Process Flow Chart (PFC) and for the web-based system PLATO e1ns.

LR-engineering GmbH, 88142 Wasserburg, Germany

The objective of LR-engineering is to methodically support your product development processes. The focus is on the effective integration of requirements management andLessons Learned. With extensive experience in the automotive industry, we support you in the implementation of project FMEAs as well as in the development and training of master FMEA.

Thomas Luft – Agile & FMEA, 59555 Lippstadt, Germany

Failure can be avoided | FMEA Facilitator, Coach & Trainer | Agility meets Failure Prevention | Agilean Master, Product Owner & Coach | Automotive Engineer - Interim Manager

Pliskat Engel Consulting, 55126 Mainz, Germany

Pliskat Engel Consulting is a strategic and operative partner of industrial companies. In the area of risk management including methods like FMEA and functional safety our procedure is tailored to the individual needs and products of the customer. Following this approach we are able to complete projects as efficiently as possible.

QMB-MA, 93059 Regensburg, Germany

The QMB-MA company supports (potential) users of the FMEA methodology in terms of competent consulting, effective project support and hands-on training with respect to FMEA methodology and moderation.

tech-solute GmbH & Co. KG, 76185 Karlsruhe, Germany

tech-solute offers cross-industry support in the field of FMEA - from on-site workshop moderation to training courses and customized FMEA strategies. According to the motto "we help when it's burning" the team from Karlsruhe can also offer solutions at short notice.

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