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Automotive IndustryDevelop Robust Products at the Highest Level.

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PLATO e1ns supports automobile manufacturers and suppliers in the development of high-quality products and processes according to AIAG/VDA and APQP.

Technology Characterizes Our Car

The major topics in the automotive industry are new forms of propulsion, alternative fuels and electric cars. It is important to make positive use of upcoming changes in mobility and to promote research and development in the areas of e-mobility, autonomous driving and digitization. For engineers, this means above all: there is a lot to do in the changing automotive industry.

All OEMs and suppliers must face the challenge of keeping pace with dynamic product development and changing industry guidelines (e.g. AIAG/VDA FMEA alignment). This increasing pace of development will challenge companies to deliver quality products while minimizing product recalls and warranty costs. The dramatically increased requirements can only be met with central access to all development methods, documents and projects, which at the same time promotes appropriate communication and collaboration.

News about FMEA
Moderation Card for FMEA-MSR


FMEA-MSR can be used to support the design FMEA in order to analyze the customer's operation and is useful for safety or law-relevant systems or…

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The 7 steps of FMEA

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VDA/AIAG FMEA Alignment - Integration has never been more important in the context of FMEA than it is today.

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